Installing Nelson.Bot on Wix

Step 1 – Get the Code

1. Navigate to your dashboard page.

2. Click the Show My Code button.

3. Next, a new page will appear displaying the HTML code snippet for embedding your chatbot. Copy this code by clicking the “Copy Script” button.

Step 2: Sign Into Your Wix Account and Embed Your Chatbot

1. Sign in to your Wix website and head to your dashboard.
2. On your dashboard, locate and click on Design Site in the top right corner of the page.

3. Your site should load your site on the Wix website editor.
4. Scroll down to any section of the website you wish to add the Chatbase chatbot.
5. Click the big plus (Add Elements) button on the left sidebar of the Wix site editor.



6. Scroll down to locate and click on Embed Code, followed by Popular Embeds and then Embed HTML


7. Once the HTML embed element is added to the editing canvas, drag it to reposition and adjust the size.
8. Double-click on the element to reveal the HTML editor.



9 Paste your embed code, and apply the changes.

10. If you want to have a message like “Can I help You?” Add the following code below the script
<div style=”position: absolute; bottom: 5px;”>
Can I help You?

11. Right click on the widget and set it to be ‘pinned’ to the bottom right (or left, your choice) and then selected the toggle for ’Show on every page’.

12. Once you’ve applied the changes, preview your website and you should see the floating Chatbase chat icon on your website.




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